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Kerry Harripersad

Kerry Harripersad is a cutting-edge fluid artist. He uses unique color combinations and innovative techniques to transform an everyday medium into works of fine art. As an avid art collector, he draws inspiration from all mediums, and channels them into centerpieces that will start a conversation. Kerry knows that the joy that art brings is immeasurable, and he believes that everyone should enjoy the experience, whether you are a first-time buyer or a seasoned connoisseur. That is why his mission is to provide high quality, original works of art for any collector’s budget.

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Richard Munster headshot

Richard Munster

pam loudon

Pamela Loudon

Pamela Loudon is a fine artist who translates ordinary objects into bold, arresting abstracts through the fusion of photography, digital artistry and painting.

Pamela Loudon has been all over the globe exploring different cultures from the urban districts of Japan to the skyscrapers of Los Angeles sharing her art and philosophy with everyone she meets. This map illustrates all the places, people and things that have been influence by Pamela’s art.

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Paul Columbus

My Artwork is a representation of myself. I believe life is art, and there is no true right or wrong, but just perspective. I use this freedom continuously in my paintings. The goal is to infuse character into the paintings, through the process of creation especially with music and environment. I tend to draw inspiration through all types of people, culture, and lifestyle encountered in my every-day life. I believe art is channeled many ways; through EVERY single person, EVERY day, in acts of creation and beauty. I try to see the world as a beautiful gift of Art. Acknowledging and respecting that it’s beauty is found subjectively.

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Dena Davis

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Mary Bel

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Ericka Sobrack

Ericka Sobrack was born and raised in a small mid-western town in Minnesota. She specializes in small and large-scale paintings portraying suburban domestic scenes of America in both acrylic and oil paint. Sobrack has participated in local and national juried exhibitions. She currently resides in Orlando, Florida and graduated in 2019 with a Masters of Fine Arts degree from the University of Central Florida.

I challenge traditional depictions of reality by orchestrating juxtapositions between the mundane and the eerie to create conflict and tension. By deconstructing and reassembling nostalgic domestic imagery with stark lighting and selective color, I suggest unanticipated narratives and psychological experiences that may be considered "suburban nightmares."

jaime parra

Jaime Parra


Roberto González

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Orlando Native Jbon, also known as "The Unsigned Artist", has been shaking up the art scene for over a decade while keeping a low profile. Starting as a silk screen artist at the age of 15, he has evolved those skills into an original, luxurious "Neo-Mosaic" shattered glass concept of collections that he creates today.

His style has continued to evolve over the years and can be seen in all corners of the world; including a 40-foot floor to ceiling lobby mural located in the Hard Rock BAKU in Dubai, various street murals and decorating numerous businesses around the Central Florida area and many more.

Recently, his original neo-twist on both silk screening and mosaic style art has caught the eye of those in the art world. Original pieces can be found in various galleries, up for auction or commissioned.

His use of shattered glass in his pieces not only brings even further depth to his style, but makes each piece of his one-of-a-kind.

J. Joshua Garrick

J. Joshua Garrick