Signature Gallery Upstairs

by Radha Mehta

We are in the midst of one of the largest civil rights movements in the world. This exhibit is to acknowledge, recognize, and remember many innocent Black lives stolen at the hands of police brutality. The stark contrast between learning about who they were as told through the eyes and words of their family and friends versus the unjust way in which they died, is not only meant to raise awareness, but to activate us all to understand and support the Black Lives Matter Movement.  When taking the time to learn about these fellow human beings, the artist hopes her use of bright, vivid, and bold watercolors along with their tributes inspire compassion for them and their surviving families, and in turn, for each other to be kinder and better citizens of the world.


This exhibition is funded by the United Arts of Central Florida’s 2020-21 Diversity & Accessibility Grants. This grant funds Access, which is a year’s worth of educational programming surrounding the topic: Being Black in the Art World. It is the outcome of the Downtown Arts District's commitment to listening and doing. The organization seeks to ensure strong equity practices within the local arts community. The Downtown Arts District is funded in part by United Arts of Central Florida, home of and