Side Gallery

A Feast for One: Solo Exhibition by Annette Tojar
Curated by Ryan Otero Price

Annette Tojar is a Miami native who currently resides in Orlando, Florida. She pursued a pastry chef career in 2010 and trained at Johnson and Wales University in North Miami and Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Pâtisserie in France. Her previous career strongly influences her paintings. The need to combine a multitude of textures in a single dessert for mouthfeel has transformed into an obsession to replicate textures and colors on a two-dimensional surface for visual indulgence; for the desire to touch, taste, and satiate. The work offers opportunities to relate intimately to the painted images of food while evoking personal memories and emotions. Interested in the physical qualities of paint while preserving the painter’s hand, Tojar is seeking to create a personal and meaningful approach to depicting images from observation.