Special Exhibitions

Due dall'Italia

This exhibition features the art of two Italian artists, Gianluca Folì and Consuelo Bellini. Residing in two different Italian cities, Folì (Rome) and Bellini (Florence) relied on their unique talents to continue creating during country’s lockdown.

In the words of Folì: La creatività trasforma una volta di più le idee, i pensieri, le visioni quotidiane di questo particolare periodo in qualcosa di visibile, tangibile e codificato. Creativity once more transforms ideas, thoughts, everyday visions of this particular period into something visible, tangible and encoded.

Folì is an elegant and brilliant Italian illustrator. His illustrations are graphic tours de force between chromatic and formal poems, in a surreal balance. Each subject, from adult culture to children’s books, benefits from his sophisticated artistry and empathy. From his studio between the Castelli Romani vineyards, he collaborates with different clients around the world. He creates illustrations for editorial clients (newspapers, magazines, books), fashion, and advertising. * Curated by Kyle Eagle

Born and raised in Florence, Italy, Bellini is a multi-disciplinary artist. With a background in fine art and fashion, she is best known for her two unique art styles: Thread Fusion and Stained Spaces. Thread Fusion is a harmonious combination of wood, nails, paint, and thread to create ethereal and nature scenes that appear almost three dimensional. Continuous and flowing through the use of thousands of feet of thread and hundreds of nails, Thread Fusion effortlessly marries concepts of both hard and soft into one balanced state. Stained Spaces captures stained glass paint within a wire, linear framework making the color seem suspended in midair. Translucent and visible from both the front and back, Stained Spaces juxtaposes serene images of nature and Buddhism against a wire mesh netting creating an almost pixilated perspective.

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