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Isolation by Tyla

Isolation is an introspective view on the loneliness and isolation caused by the construct of racial biases.


The year 2020 has become a year of revelation for Black People. We are told to forget the past and to move forward. We can't help but feel the glaring inequality that we have to face from day to day.


This collection of artwork carries symbolism. I chose to capture the aspects of US that we are punished for. Our hair, our clothing, our SKIN. Where our existence is a crime in itself. Symbolism presents itself in every aspect from the cityscapes that a lot of us inhabit, to the outstretched hands hoping. Hoping for what? Well, that's for the audience to decide. Each story is different and equally relevant. The images are left in black and white so that the viewer is forced to be in this subjective moment. What has happened in the past is still ever-present in our today. With our movement and determination, it does not have to be our future.


It is my hope with these images to inspire empathy amongst all walks of life. To inspire introspection, and toe encourage us to move forward powerfully.